Our Values

Steve Jackson

Theresa Tidwell

Buddy Williams

We Live Our Values Every Day

Highest Expectations in Quality
Excellence through Innovation
Accountability through Ownership
Resilience without Compromise
Teamwork with Results

We Value Our Staff

Our executives are frequently found serving freshly grilled hamburgers, chicken or steaks to our employees and our annual company picnic for employees and their families is always a hit!
Our partnership with the American Heart Association provides many fun events for all employees throughout the year.
We believe a healthy work environment is paramount to high quality of care and we strive for a healthy balance between work and home life.

We Are Environmentally Conscious

Arkansas Heart Hospital utilizes environmentally friendly specialty waste management services for the proper disposal of all hazardous materials and receives numerous awards from the City of Little Rock for our efforts.

We Have A Better Approach to Patient Care

Our model of patient focused care involves taking services to the patient. Every service possible is provided in the patient’s room rather than transporting the patient to the service. The result is improved continuity of care, minimized movement of the patient through the hospital, point of care service, a strong multidisciplinary team approach to cardiovascular care and a higher level of commitment to patient and family education.
Our approach to patient focused care is simply a better approach for better outcomes, better patient satisfaction and better employee satisfaction.